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JR Sapporo-Furano Area Pass 4 Days

The pass allows you to visit two popular Flower Gardens in Hokkaido’s Summer which are Farm Tomita (Furano) and Shikisai-no-Oka (Biei)!

Jr Hokkaido Furano

Model Itinerary

FAQ with Image and Day Wise
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JR New Chitose Airport – JR Sapporo Station
After exchanging the JR Exchange Order at New Chitose Airport, you can use the pass right away and it is best to have a stay or hotel near to JR Sapporo Station so that you can travel easily using the pass.
SapporoIMG 003 1. Sapporo Clock Tower (10 minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station)

Sapporo Clock Tower is an oldest wooden structure and one of the tourist attractions in Sapporo city. As of 2021, this tower is the oldest clock tower in Japan.

SapporoIMG 004 2. Odori Park (10 minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station)

Odori Park goes through Sapporo City from east to west over 1.5km. In the park there are many entrances providing quick and easy access to Odori Station, where all the subway lines stop, and the Sapporo underground shopping centre.

SapporoIMG 005 3. Sapporo Factory Shopping Complex (15 minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station)

‘Sapporo Factory is a large shopping and entertainment complex that was opened in 1993 in central Sapporo. There are about 160 establishments that include clothing stores, souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and a multi-screen movie theater.

SapporoIMG 006 Half Day (Optional : Otaru)

JR Sapporo Station – JR Otaru Station

Otaru, a port city on Hokkaido (Japan’s northernmost island), lies northwest of Sapporo on Ishikari Bay. The city is known for glassworks, music boxes and sake distilleries.
I would suggest a destination to Otaru first if the flight arrives early in the morning, and put luggage at stay near JR Sapporo Station (if permissible) and proceed to Otaru.

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JR Sapporo Station – JR Furano Station – JR Lavender Farm Station – JR Nakafurano Station – JR Bibaushi Station – JR Sapporo Station
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1. Farm Tomita (7-8 minutes walk from JR Lavender Farm Station)

Farm Tomita is a farm in Nakafurano, Hokkaido, Japan. Farm Tomita is one of the many farms in the area which create this reputation by planting giant fields of lavender and other colourful crops such as tulips.

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2. Shikisai-no-Oka (30 minutes walk from JR Bibaushi station)

Flower garden of Shikisai-no-oka which provides spectacular views across fifteen hectares of land on Oka-no-machi Biei, featuring patterned rows of colourful blossoms, plus alpacas, a small shop & eatery.

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JR Sapporo Station – JR Asahikawa Station – JR Sapporo Station

Attractions covered by the JR Supporo Furano Area Pass 4 Days (Asahikawa)
Asahikawa Zoo (40 minutes by local bus, not covered by the pass)

Asahikawa Zoo is a top-rated zoological garden just outside central Asahikawa City. It became famous in Japan by drawing out the natural ecology and behaviour of animals and people can spend an entire day without getting bored interacting with the lively animals.

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JR Sapporo Station – New Chitose Airport

Depending on the time of the departure , you can still explore Sapporo City if you have time left and can proceed to New Chitose Airport afterwards.