Autumn Delights and Adventures in Japan🍁

2023 forecast of autumn foliage viewing dates
Location Forecast for red leaves Average date for red leaves
Sapporo 11/13 10/28
Aomori 11/16 11/13
Sendai 11/30 11/21
Tokyo 12/1 11/28
Kanazawa 12/1 11/24
Nagano 11/18 11/12
Nagoya 12/2 11/28
Kyoto 12/11 12/5
Osaka 12/3 12/1
Wakayama 12/13 12/6
Hiroshima 11/28 11/22
Kochi 12/9 12/2
Fukuoka 12/10 12/1
Kagoshima 12/12 12/15

Here is a breakdown of the JMC forecast schedule:
First Forecast Usually released in early September. This preliminary forecast provides an overview of peak viewing times for red and yellow leaves across Japan.
Second Forecast Released in early October. This update refines the predictions based on emerging weather patterns.
Third & Final Forecast Released in early November. This final update provides the most accurate information about peak viewing times at specific locations.
Click here to view 2023 Autumn Foliage Forecast (3rd forecast)

Do's and Don'ts for Traveling to Japan in Autumn
Don't ⚠️
  • Forget your manners: Be respectful to others and avoid making loud noises, especially in temples and shrines.
  • Garbage: Dispose of garbage correctly and keep Japan clean.
  • Smoke in non-designated areas: Smoking is strictly prohibited in most indoor spaces in Japan.
  • Be disrespectful of cultural norms: Dress appropriately when visiting temples and shrines, and avoid talking on the phone while dining and on train.
  • Rush your trip: Give yourself plenty of time to relax and soak in the beauty of autumn leaves.

Autumn Japan Tour Packages

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Japan Accommodation

Japan's popular destinations are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Sapporo.
Accommodation options in Japan are very diverse, ranging from hostels and budget capsule hotels to four-star and five-star hot spring hotels.

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Pack your bags, book your flight tickets and start planning your next adventure to Japan. It is recommended to purchase a SIM card first so that you can connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere during travel.