History and Culture: Uncovering the Soul of Japan 🗾

Japan is a rich and colourful country, woven with ancient traditions, vibrant festivals, and a deep respect for nature. Embark on a journey to discover the soul of this island nation and delve into its heart! Delve deeper into the fascinating world of the samurai, whose code of honour still inspires people today (⚔️Get ready to unleash your inner warrior!). From the bustling streets of Tokyo (think ramen 🍜, neon lights, and adorable robot cafes 🤖) to the serenity of Kyoto’s gardens (get ready to be blown away by the stunning scenery️), get ready to be mesmerised by Japan’s timeless beauty and immortal spirit live. Here are some recommended tours and activities to consider for your trip:

⋆⋆⋆ Recommended Tours ⋆⋆⋆


Let's go around the classic course of Asahiyama Zoo, Furano and Biei!
☆You can enjoy your favourite season because the operation period is long.

Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Asahiyama Zoo,Furano and Biei

Limited-time tours: June to November

From JPY 10,900


Feel the old and nostalgic buildings of Otaru!
Whether you want to eat, take pictures, or just take your time, Otaru Sakaimachi Dori is the place for you!
The view from the Mt. Tengu ropeway is as magnificent as a scene from a movie!

Hokkaido, Japan

Otaru Sake Brewery, Shopping Street, Aquarium and Ropeway Bus Tour from Sapporo

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 12,500

Hokkaido Summer

Includes a meal! You can choose between sea urchin bowl or seafood bowl!
Best time to visit Shakotan Peninsula
Bus ride to Otaru sake brewery for tasting

Hokkaido, Japan

Shakotan Peninsula day trip bus tour with lunch included

Limited-time tours: July to September

From JPY 13,500

Hokkaido Autumn

☆Enjoy the autumn leaves spreading all over from the ropeway
☆Meet animals with new families
☆Beautiful contrast of red, yellow and green autumn leaves

Hokkaido, Japan

Kurodake Ropeway, Asahiyama Zoo Autumn Leaves Bus Tour

Limited-time tours: October to November

From JPY 16,500


Reaching the highest point of Mt. Fuji accessible by road (about 2300 m above sea level)!
Enjoy lunch at a ninja-themed restaurant!
Exploring the volcanic area of Ōwakudani and take a ropeway ride down to Lake Ashi for a breathtaking panoramic view!
Relax and unwind on board a sightseeing cruise on Lake Ashi!

Hakone, Japan

Mt. Fuji & Hakone Day Tour from Tokyo

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 17,480


A Unique Experience: Sumo Morning Training Tour in Tokyo!
See up close the training of professional sumo wrestlers active on the front lines. 
☆Take a photo with a sumer wrestler!

Tokyo, Japan

Sumo Morning Training Visit

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 11,000


☆Ninjas assisted samurai from the warring years of the 15th century to the 19th century. Today, he/she is an intelligence officer. Gathering information is important to shinobi. 
☆Ninjas as a spy, he has high special skills such as sneaking into a castle. For this reason, the spirit of ninja is valued in training.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Ninja Experience

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 10,450


☆Explore Nikko on a day trip from Tokyo!
☆See the Toshogu Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
☆See one of Japan's top three waterfalls!
☆Take a break by a lake at the foot of a volcano!

Nikko, Japan

Nikko World Heritage 1 Day Tour

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 15,980


Visit Sumiyoshi Taisha!
Tramcar from Sumiyoshi Torii-mae Station to Ebisu-cho Station!
Enjoy Kushikatsu!

Osaka, Japan

Downtown Osaka Walking and Local Food Tour

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 9,700


Visit famous Todai ji Temple and Kinkakuji temple
Visit a huge beautiful garden of Kyoto imperial palace

Nara, Japan

Kyoto and Nara Golden Route 1 Day Bus Tour from Kyoto

Limited-time tours: June to December

From JPY 17,500

Kyoto Autumn

☆Enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage on the Sagano Romantic Train and Hozugawa River Boat Ride
☆Explore Togetsu Bridge, Arashiyama bamboo forest, Kimono Forest, etc.
☆Travel with an experienced guide with deep knowledge about Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Sagano Romantic Train in Arashiyama Bus Tour

Limited-time tours: November to December

From JPY 19,000
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