It’s time to explore Kagoshima!

Kagoshima Prefecture (鹿児島県, Kagoshima-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyushu.
The capital is the city of Kagoshima. It’s also called the “Naples of the East” for its bay and comfortable climate


Fall in love Majestic Nature in Kagoshima

Ibusuki (Natural Steam Sand Bath)
Ibusuki is home to the one and only “Natural Stream Sand Bath” in the world and its health and beauty benefits attracts many visitor. The hot sand baths gradually warm your whole body, affording a completely different sensation than when using a traditional hot spring bath.

Sakurajima is an active composite volcano, formerly an island and now a peninsula, in Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. There is an abundance of hot springs in the city and visitors can also catch a glimpse of the world-renowned Mt. Sakurajima

Ogawa Falls
Ogawa Falls is also calles Ogawa-no-taki Waterfall is a secret travel destination in the midst of a magnificent natural environment, you can look down on this waterfall from the observatory located upstream.

Mangrove Primeval Forest
The mangrove forest is situated in the southern part of Amami Oshima island and is the second largest in Japan and covering an area of 71 hectares. Mangrove Park sports an exhibit hall and an observation deck, as well as canoe rentals for those who want to see the mangroves up close.

Enjoy the best islands of sunshine and coral reefs

Yurigahama Beach (Yoron Island)
The sand of Yurigahama beach is star-shaped, which has brought about the name of ”Hoshi no suna” (star sand). The contrast between the sand beach and the highly transparent sea, which is layered with many shades of blue, is exquisitely beautiful.

Amami Ōshima
Amami Ōshima, with its rich natural environment, has been called the “Oriental Galapagos” and a “natural treasure.” These islands are blessed with coral reefs in the surrounding clear waters, a diverse range of beaches dotting the islands’ circumference, mangroves, virgin forests, and a unique cultural heritage

Kakeromajima Island by crossing the ocean from Amami Oshima, which is located between the main island of. Kagoshima and Okinawa Island. Step into another world and time seems to slow down once you landed on the island, surrounded by the clear blue sea and lush greenery.

Yakushima is an island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, known for its wildlife and cedar forests and it was also the first site in Japan to be recognized as one of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

Tanegashima Space Center
Its surrounded by blue waters and white sand beaches, and is said to be the world’s most beautiful rocket launch site. The Museum of Space Science and Technology has displays showing the many fields of space science. This facility makes it easy and fun to learn about space science.

Visit the most ancient historical site in Kagoshima

Sogi Power Plant Ruins
This building, constructed out of red bricks, only shows its figure during early summer to autumn. Its built in 1907 in collaboration with German engineers, Shitagau Noguchi, his hydroelectric power plant to power the Okuchi gold mines to the north.

Sengan-en is a traditional Japanese garden and stately home that has been passed down in the Shimadzu family for over 350 years. Sengan-en uses the principle of “borrowed scenery”, and incorporates the background elements of active volcano Sakurajima and Kinko Bay as part of the gardens.

The Remeikan Museum
The museum was built on the former site of the local castle, known as Kagoshima or Tsurumaru Castle. Inside there find the most popular is a statue of the local hero Saigo Takamori

Marutake Sangyo
Marutake Sangyo comprises a museum, factory and traditional Japanese garden that are paradise for fans of history and craftsmanship. Formerly named Sendai Sengoku Mura meaning “Sendai village of the Sengoku Period” (1467–1600), Marutake Sangyo has stunning buildings modelled on a 16th century Japanese castle town. There are three large workshops where authentic armour is repaired, and original replicas are made.

Stay for the best cuisine in Kagoshima!

Shirokuma (Polar Bear) Shaved Ice
Adorable polar bear shaped-dessert, Shirokuma (lit. Polar Bear) refers to the local Kagoshima-style of kakigori, or shaved ice. The shaved ice is topped with condensed milk and various toppings, such as fruits, mochi, or red bean paste. This dessert can be found throughout Japan, but its roots lie in Kagoshima.

Kagoshima Kurobuta
Famous Black Berkshire that come with various type of food. Soft and tender, and less oily compared to other types of pork. You may tempt to make some tonkatsu using kurobuta, but it is actually very good for minimally processed dishes, such as shabu-shabu. Enjoy the natural flavours of kurobuta.

Kagoshima Ramen
Its soup is mainly based on tonkotsu (pork bone broth). It’s looked a little cloudy, and chicken stock, vegetables, dried sardines, kelp and dried mushrooms are added. For your information, Kagoshima Ramen is the only ramen which is not influenced by Kurume ramen for geographical and historical reasons.

Somen-Nagashi (Flowing Somen Noodle)
Enjoy culinary experience with catching chilled somen noodles sliding in pure cold spring water in front of your eyes. Conventional nagashi somen restaurants would offer flowing somen sliding down in bamboo poles, but now have adjusted to a static table for make it convenience to the user. Worth to try once in your life!

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