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H.I.S. Travel, your ultimate Japan specialist tour and travel agency Over 500 Japan activity and experiences available to book online!🎉

Discover Japan’s most desired tourist destinations with H.I.S. Travel, your ultimate Japan specialist tour and travel agency! We’re the experts and we can’t wait to make your travel dreams come true! If you’re into cool stuff like culture, nature, and yummy food, then Japan is the place to be! It’s like a magical land that will fill your heart with amazing memories and make you want to keep going back for more.

When planning a trip to Japan, it’s essential to include some of the country’s most iconic destinations.
Here are must-visit places that capture the essence of Japan:

Tokyo : The Vibrant and Culturally Rich Capital🗼
Shinjuku : The Lively and Diverse Entertainment District
Asakusa : The Historic and Religious Center of Tokyo 🎎
Harajuku : The Fashion and Youth Culture Hub of Tokyo
Kiyomizu-dera Temple : The Iconic and Picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site 💯
Gion : The Traditional and Authentic Geisha District
Furano and Biei : The Quaint and Lush Countryside with Breathtaking Landscapes 📷😉
Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine : The Mystical and Sacred Mountain Shrine

Mount Fuji : The Iconic and Majestic Natural Wonder 🗻
Hakone : The Serene and Relaxing Hot Spring Resort Area ♨
Hiroshima : The City of Peace and Rebuilding 🧡
Peace Memorial Park : The Reflective and Moving Tribute to the Atomic Bomb Victims
Miyajima : The Scenic and Spiritual Island with Itsukushima Shrine and Floating Torii Gate
Hokkaido : The Scenic and Adventure-Filled Northern Island
Sapporo : The Cosmopolitan and Vibrant City with Amazing Food and Beer
Kyoto : The Historical and Spiritual Heart of Japan 🏯

H.I.S. Travel, your ultimate Japan specialist tour and travel agency
Over 500 Japan activity and experiences available to book online!🎉

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Top Activities

Tour From Tokyo

1. Tour Activities Vv

Mt. Fuji & Hakone Day Tour from Tokyo (Return by bullet train in option)

Before 31 December 2024

Tour Activities Vv Copy

Before 29 October 2024

Nikko World Heritage 1 Day Tour

Tour Activities Vv Copy 2

Before 27 December 2023

Sumo Experience & Chanko Nabe Lunch in Tokyo!

Tour From Osaka & Kyoto

Optional Tour Walking Tour

Before 28 December 2024

Explore Osaka Hotspots in 1day Walking Tour from Osaka

Tour Activities Vv Copy 4

Before 28 December 2024

Kyoto and Nara Golden Route 1 Day Bus Tour from Osaka and Kyoto

Tour Activities Vv Copy 5

Before 26 December 2024

Hiroshima and Miyajima 1 Day Bus Tour from Osaka and Kyoto

Tour From Hiroshima

Tour Activities Vv Copy 6

Before 28 December 2024

Hiroshima and Miyajima 1 Day Bus Tour

Tour Activities Vv Copy 7

Before 27 December 2024

Hiroshima and Miyajima 1 Day Walking Tour

Tour Activities Vv Copy 8

Before 27 December 2024

Hiroshima Local Food and Peace Memorial Park 1 Day Walking Tour

Tour From Nagoya & Kanazawa

Tour Activities Vv Copy 9

Before 27 December 2024

Shirakawago and Takayama 1 Day Tour from Nagoya

Tour Activities Vv Copy 10

Before 29 December 2024

Kanazawa half day Historical photo spot Walking Tour

Tour Activities Vv Copy 11

Before 27 December 2024

Osu Shopping District Tour with English Speaking Assistant

Tour From Sapporo

Tour Activities Vv Copy 12

Before 31 March 2024

(SHINRA) Furepe Waterfall Snowshoe guide tour


Before 18 May 2024

Noboribetsu & Toya 1 Day Tour

Tour Activities Vv Copy 14

Before 31 March 2024

(SHINRA) Ryuhyo (Ice) Walk guide tour

Tour From Kagoshima

Tour Activities Vv Copy 15

Before 30 April 2024

Japanese Tea MATCHA Ceremony at Senganen in Kagoshima

Tour Activities Vv Copy 16

Before 30 April 2024

Kagoshima City Aquarium (Io World) and Tonkatsu Lunch at Karen !!

Tour Activities Vv Copy 17

Before 31 March 2024

Tourist Train "Hisatsu Orange Restaurant" Meal Set Plan !!

Timing is EVERYTHING! 🗺️✈️

First, cherry blossoms!🌸 If you want those stunning sakura trees to greet you, plan your trip between late March and early April. It’s an absolute dreamland!Now, if you’re a foodie, some regions in Japan have specific dishes that reach their peak at different times of the year. For delicious snow crab feasts, Hokkaido in winter is where you wanna be!
Traditional festivals, or matsuri, are something you don’t wanna miss either! They’re vibrant, energetic, and showcase Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Summer is the season for festive fun, so plan accordingly! Oh, and about autumn 🍁 The fall foliage in Kyoto and Nikko is absolutely breathtaking! So, make sure to time your visit between late October and early December if you wanna witness nature’s stunning artwork.
And last but definitely not least, winter wonderland! ⛄️ Imagine soaking in hot springs surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Well, that’s what winter in Japan looks like, my friends. It’s pure magic! So remember, timing is everything when planning your trip to Japan! Whatever you’re looking for – cherry blossoms, food, festivals, autumn leaves, or winter adventures – pick the right season, and you’ll have an unforgettable experience! Happy travels! ✨🌸

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