JR Shikoku Rail Pass


You can use the JR Shikoku Rail Pass for unlimited train rides in Shikoku for 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days. It is valid not only valid on JR trains, but also can be used on the trains and trams of Kotoden, Iyotetsu, Tosaden, Tosa Kuroshio Railway and the Asa Kaigan Railway

More Information

(1) The Pass is valid for travel on the following lines during the validity period:

Non-reserved seats in regular cars on limited express, rapid, and local trains on all JR Shikoku lines and all Tosa Kuroshio Railway lines,All Asa Kaigan Railway lines, all lyo Railway lines, all Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad lines, and all Tosaden Kotsu lines, Shodoshima Ferry passage between Takamatsu and Tonosho Shodoshima Olive Bus line

(2) The Pass is not valid on the following lines and trains:

Sunrise Seto or Botchan Train service Shodoshima Ferry high-speed service or passage other than between Takamatsu and Tonosho, Any bus line other than Shodoshima Olive Bus

(3) The Pass can be used on the JR Seto-Ōhashi Line from Kojima Station southward. The Pass does not include areas north of Kojima Station (towards Okayama Station). When traveling to or from an area where the Pass is invalid, you will need to purchase tickets for the segments not covered by the Pass.

Passengers who want to take reserved-seats can purchase the cost-effective and “dedicated reserved-seats ticket” at the on-site ticket office (A set of 4 tickets: JPY 1,000, JPY 250 per ticket on average) (This ticket is only sold domestically) To receive the discounts of JR Shikoku Bus and Ferry, please present the ALL SHIKOKU
Rail Pass



  • JR tickets operate under a registration system, with a very complicated booking process. Therefore, please ensure that you have provided the required information in order to make a purchase. Please bear in mind that H.I.S Travel Malaysia is not liable for any delays due to insufficient or incorrect information provided by travelers
  • Children require a child pass if occupying a seat in a reserved-seat carriage or traveling alone
  • Luggage Restrictions: passengers may bring up to two pieces of luggage, not including carry-ons and smaller bags. Each piece may not weigh more than 30kg and its length, width and depth may not add up to more than 250cm, while its length may not exceed 200cm

Refund Policy

  • [Refund Policy] For any “Exchange Order Voucher” that have not been exchanged into an “Official Pass” you can apply for a refund within 11 months from the purchased date. However, a 15% cancellation fee will be charged. Please ensure that you keep your vouchers safe as we cannot issue new passes or process refunds if passes are lost, stolen or partially used
  • [Refund Policy] For travelers with vouchers eligible for refund, please send the original Exchange Order Voucher back to H.I.S Travel Malaysia’s office for refund processing

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