Japan – 4G/5G Unlimited (NTT Docomo)

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Coverage Area Japan only.
Local Carrier NTT Docomo.
The system automatically assigns carriers based on availability.
The system automatically assigns carriers based on availability.
Type (Unlimited Data): Reduce speed to 256kbps if data exceeds.
Notes: Although the SIM Cards have unlimited data, the connection might slow down if more than 3GB are used.
Zero Roaming Charges  SIM card is Data-Only and does not come with a number. Traditional calls or text messages are not permitted. You can use Apps like WhatsApp/WeChat to access local data to make calls or send messages without paying pesky roaming charges and easily stay connected while traveling abroad..
Internet Speed High Speed 4G LTE (Depends on the local carrier)
Speed ​​may vary by location, network conditions, weather conditions or other factors. Additionally, natural obstacles like tall buildings, mountains, or even large bodies of water can obstruct the signal and result in slower internet speeds
Hotspot Yes, you can share connection with other devices via hotspot. However, more devices connected, the more network bandwidth will be divided among those devices, which may result in slower speeds. You can focus on one hotspot at a time and avoid slowing down the internet.
Pickup/Delivery SIM card (3-in 1 SIM card with Nano,Micro,Standard) :
1.Pick up at office within working hours
2.Delivery to East Malaysia / West Malaysia with delivery fee.
Cancelation Non-refundable.

SIM Card Setting

An installation manual will be provided with the SIM card. Please follow the steps for SIM card setup.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use the SIM card for making traditional phone calls or sending SMS messages?
No, this is a data-only SIM cards. They are specifically designed for data usage and do not include a local phone number for making traditional phone calls or sending SMS messages. However, there are alternative methods available, such as using internet-based calling apps like WhatsApp or utilizing messaging apps with voice call capabilities.

2.What happens if I use a non-compatible device with 4G/5G service?
Using a non-compatible device with 4G/5G service can result in decreased speed, reliability, and limited access to advanced features. Your device may not be able to connect to the network or may experience slower speeds and reduced performance compared to a compatible device.

3. Why does SIM card internet speed vary by location?
Factors such as infrastructure availability, population density, distance from cell towers, and environmental variables all contribute to the variation in SIM card internet speed. Urban areas tend to have better infrastructure and higher population density, resulting in faster speeds. In contrast, rural areas often face limitations in network infrastructure, leading to slower speeds.

4. Can I expect reliable internet speed on a cruise?

Internet connectivity on cruises can be challenging due to the limitations of maritime networks. While some cruise ships offer internet access, the speeds may not match those experienced on land. Factors such as the ship’s location, satellite coverage, and the number of users can impact the internet speed on a cruise.

5. How can I improve SIM card internet speed in remote areas like forests or mountains?
In remote areas like forests or mountains, the obstacles and interference from the surrounding environment can hinder internet speeds. However, there are strategies to enhance connectivity. These may include using signal boosters, satellite internet, or positioning yourself closer to clearings or higher elevations where the signal is likely to be stronger.

6. What can I do to optimize SIM card internet speed in any location?
To optimize SIM card internet speed in any location, ensuring you have a compatible device, keeping your SIM card in good condition, and selecting a reputable network provider can make a significant difference. Additionally, using Wi-Fi networks whenever available, closing unnecessary background applications, and monitoring network congestion can also help improve your overall internet speed.

7.Can I renew or extend the data?

No, you can buy another SIM card if you need more data.