Sim Card


Being connected to the Internet is of great importance in Japan, especially for foreigners. Be it to find the best connection using the sometimes confusing public transport system, to translate unknown words, or simply to stay connected to other people. With these convenient SIM cards visitors can immediately get an Internet connection.

More details

・High-speed internet access (4G LTE) and no data limitation.

・SIM cards available for a duration of either 8, 16, or 31 days, each one having unlimited data volume..

・Works on Japan’s Docomo network (Japan’s biggest network provider)

・The SIM Card connection covers 99% of Japan.

・Its size can be adjusted to fit Standard, Micro, or Nano requirements.

Before making a reservation, please check if the phone to be used is SIM Lock free. Please contact your mobile service provider to check if your phone will be compatible.


  1. Although the SIM Cards have unlimited data volume, the connection might slow down if more than 3GB are used.
  2. The SIM Card connection covers 99% of Japan.
  3. The SIM Card does not enable incoming or outgoing phone calls.

From RM78.00