Sakura in Chiran & Chiran History:
Lies the Kamikaze Pilot WW2 in History

by : Bilal

Chiran is a small town within the Satsuma Peninsula,Kagoshima. For most Japan’s history enthusiast and for Cheery Blossom seekers, this is one of the place they should cross from their list.

Chiran Heiwa Park

The park has many cherry blossoms’ trees, with the Chiran Peace Museum built at center of the park. The cherry trees at the entrance of the park form a tunnel that welcomes visitors. The trees are light up during the night and the night scenery is quite amazing to view.

Best viewing period: Late March – Early April

Chiran Peace Museum

Chiran Peace Museum built as a museum to preserve documents, letters and belongings of the members of the special attack corps, also known as “Kamikaze pilots”. It is located on the site of an airbase from where the pilots took off for their final missions.

Towards the end of World War 2, the Japanese armed forces resorted to suicide attacks, in which pilots would deliberately fly their planes into enemy warships. It was hoped that these attacks would repel the Allied Forces just like the “divine winds” (kamikaze) dispersed Mongolian invasion forces in the 13th century.

The museum does not try to glorify the battles of the Kamikaze pilots, but instead to point out on the personal details of the pilots’ lives. Letters to loved ones, final letters before departure, pictures during breaks in training and photos of every single pilot are all on display. There is, furthermore, a considerable amount of technical information about the museum including recovered planes and various models. English audio tour is also given to help understand the role the former air base had in training.

How to go there?

The museum can be reached by hourly buses from Kagoshima (90 minutes, around 950 yen, departing from Kagoshima Chuo Station and the Yamagataya Bus Center), which also stop at Hirakawa Station (35 minutes to Chiran) along the way. Passengers can get off at the final stop, Tokko-kannon-iriguchi Bus Stop and it’s a just a minute walk to the museum itself.

Chiran Peace Museum
Operating Hours :9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)
Closed : No closing days
Admission : 500 yen


Ruposhi Bangla

The first specializing Bangladesh restaurant in Kagoshima prefecture. There are also Bangladeshi curries with plenty of vegetables and healthy home cooking.

Business Hours: 11AM-3PM (Lunch) & 5PM-10PM (Dinner)

Chai Cafe Attfal Kokubu

Nice little place serving Indian food, in the middle of nowhere, in a pretty remote Kirishima’s remote neighborhood. Nan and Mango Lassi was delicious!

Business Hours: 11AM-8PM