Perlis, also known by its honorific title Perlis Indera Kayangan, is the smallest state in Malaysia. It lies at the northern part of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

The capital of Perlis is Kangar, and the royal capital is Arau. The main port and ferry terminal is at the small village of Kuala Perlis, linking mostly to Langkawi Island. Perlis has a famous snake farm and research centre at Sungai Batu Pahat. Among the main tourist attractions are Perlis State Park and Gua Kelam.

Perlis currently has an island within its waters, Pulau Batu Layang near Perlis Power Plant, Kuala Sungai Bharu. Historically, Perlis owned another island, Pulau Brasmana just approximately 10 km from Kuala Perlis. The island’s name is the origin name for Putra Brasmana Hotel. However, the island is now under Thailand administration and known as Ko Pratmana. The reason for this change is still unknown

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