All price rates shown are in Japanese Yen (¥) and your transaction will be settled based on current exchange rate for Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). H.I.S. Travel reserve the rights to adjust the prices based on current exchange rates without prior notice.
Tokyo Subway Ticket (24-hour)
Price (Adult) ‎¥800
Tokyo Subway Ticket (48-hour)
Price (Adult) ‎¥1,200
Tokyo Subway Ticket (72-hour)
Price (Adult) ‎¥1,500
Tokyo Skyliner Ticket(One Way)
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,470
Price (Child) ‎¥1,240
(Tokyo) SUICA Card
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,300
(Tokyo) Hakone Freepass
Price (Adult) ‎¥5,140
Price (Child) ‎¥1,500
Osaka Express Rapit Nankai Electric
Railway (Round Trip)
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,120
Kansai Thru Pass 2 Days
Price (Adult) ‎¥4,000
Kansai Thru Pass 3 Days
Price (Adult) ‎¥5,200
Osaka Amazing Pass 1 Day
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,500
Osaka Amazing Pass 2 Days
Price (Adult) ‎¥3,300
(Osaka) ICOCA Card
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,300
Yokoso Osaka Ticket
Price (Adult) ‎¥1,500
Osaka City Pass 1 Day Pass
Price (Adult) ‎¥3,000
Osaka City Pass 2 Day Pass
Price (Adult) ‎¥3,500
(Hokkaido) KITACA Card
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,300
Nikko Pass (all area)
Price (Adult) ‎¥4,520
Price (Child) ‎¥1,150
Nikko Pass (World Heritage Pass)
Price (Adult) ‎¥2,000
Price (Child) ‎¥600

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